Custom made lamp designs

Thanks to our lamp designers at United Alabaster, we have the possibility of carrying out custom lighting projects in both lamps, alabaster panels and alabaster plates to provide a great visual presence to the lighting project in all types of environments and rooms. located in large cities around the world.

Custom made lighting projects Custom lighting designs for hotels, restaurants, airports, homes and all kinds of rooms and establishments where you want to give prominence to light and the naturalness of stone such as alabaster.

Alabaster panel designs and modular reception furniture that bring a contemporary, avant-garde, and modern style to any room. Each alabaster panel is custom-designed, thus obtaining a unique beauty and, as a whole, it becomes an avant-garde element of decoration and unique interior design in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, shops or private homes.

At United Alabaster we work professionally to ensure our clients that the customized alabaster lighting project that has been devised is capable of being carried out thanks to our technical team, which studies the manufacturing possibilities, adapting the design to them, to present it later in 3D.

There are numerous interior design and architecture studios from different countries with whom we work to study their alabaster design proposals so that they can become a reality. Discover United Alabaster's lighting projects around the world and the different interior and architectural lighting designs that we have exclusively developed.

If you are seduced by this natural stone, we can carry out custom work, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information
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