Designs in alabaster of floor and table lamps

Unique designs of luminaires made of a translucent and backlit material such as alabaster is to provide interior spaces with a contemporary atmosphere where the craftsmanship of alabaster together with the modernist designs of floor and table lamps make up a personal and unique style.
Natural stone such as alabaster provides a modern, contemporary and avant-garde design in the different floor and table lamp designs that you can discover in our United Alabaster selection.

Let yourself be surprised by unique designs of floor and table lamps United Alabaster's designer floor and table lamps combine designs in organic shapes with straight lines to create pieces of decorative lighting where precious materials such as marble and alabaster are also combined.

Designs of adjustable floor and table lamps and available in different formats to provide an original, modern and contemporary setting to any environment, both indoors and outdoors. Discover our selection of modern design floor lamps and table lamps in a unique collection where technology and tradition come together to achieve surprising lighting pieces.

Exclusive lamp models such as Saturn Cycle, Reflex, Solaris or our Wireless, Moon and Oval models, where tradition and technology come together to take alabaster anywhere thanks to wireless technology. Original table lamp designs in which you can choose between different configuration possibilities to create modern and elegant lighting in any room.

Alabaster, with its waters, veining and peculiar tones, provide warmth to all kinds of environments such as restaurants, hotels, receptions, cruise ships or private homes. In our catalogue of designer ceiling lamps, there are different models designed by hand that you can find to enjoy a decorative effect with quality light.

This selection of floor and table lamp designs has been pleasantly accepted by architects and interior designers who are committed to bringing an exquisite air to their projects. If you are seduced by this natural stone, we can carry out custom work, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information.