Shanghai Songjiang Villa

The Gelsa alabaster extracted from an original vein in the quarry which stands in the heart of Teruel, it is moulded by the hands of craftsmen from United Alabaster to light up and decorate the majestic villa in the most cosmopolitan city in China, Shanghai Songjang.

The restauration has been carried out keeping the old structures of the building with its influences of Art Deco. An artistic style which took place in the first decades of the XX century. Still, the period when it reached its peak was in the 1920s decade. The great original architectural openings in the mansión are culminated by two impressive intertwined alabaster panes which lead to the central hall and give meaning to all the splendor in its entirety. The perfect balance between the curved and straight lines of the ornamental lamps which decorate different rooms give an amazing continuity of white shades and cloudy veins.




Shanghai Songjiang Villa Shanghai Songjiang Villa Shanghai Songjiang Villa Shanghai Songjiang Villa
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