Original designer wall lamps

Unique models of wall lamps made of natural stone with a translucent and backlit effect such as alabaster, available in our catalogue of United Alabaster design wall lamps.
Minimalist wall sconces and wall lamps where games of light and reflections are created, made by hand with a natural stone such as alabaster that helps us create a modern, contemporary and original design in the different designs of wall lamps that you can discover in our selection of United Alabaster.

Designer wall lights and wall lamps Providing an interior space with an elegant decorative accessory such as an original wall lamp or a United Alabaster wall sconce is providing a contract lighting effect, giving a premium touch to the entire environment.

In our selection of designer wall lamps by United Alabaster designed in natural stone with a translucent and backlit effect such as alabaster, it is to enjoy a unique space where lighting is the protagonist thanks to the unique designs of contemporary lamps by United Alabaster.

Models such as Slim WS, Mirror Disc, Saturn Cycle Wall or AD 1930 are some of the models available in our United Alabaster online store where the combination of alabaster and its different finishes give any space the modern, contemporary and elegant lighting that it provides. alabaster wall sconces designs.

In our catalogue of designer ceiling lamps, there are different models designed by hand that you can find to enjoy a decorative effect with quality light. Alabaster, with its waters, veining and peculiar tones, provide warmth to all kinds of environments such as restaurants, hotels, receptions, cruise ships or private homes.

If you are seduced by this natural stone, we can carry out custom work, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information.