Original designs in Alabaster panels and lamps

At United Alabaster we provide you with a broad overview of our catalog of illuminated alabaster lamps handcrafted from top quality alabaster extracted from our quarries that provide interior spaces with an original, handcrafted and unique design.
The alabaster lighting projects inspire designers and interior designers and that you can discover at United Alabaster with exclusive models of designer lamps where natural stone such as alabaster fuses with contemporary elements to create interior spaces and harmonious environments.

Interior lighting design in alabaster Alabaster is a natural stone that has been used since ancient times for the elaboration and manufacture of all kinds of decorative objects. It is a very soft stone that allows it to be carved easily, which is why it has been used to create alabaster lamp designs where this material is combined with others such as copper, satin steel, or lacquered wood.
Alabaster is a material that gives a space an air of grandeur, which is why it is widely used in the decoration of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, receptions, or private homes to provide warmth and harmony.
In our selection of designer lamps made of alabaster you can find floor, table, wall lamps and custom designs of original and modern ceiling lamps to create unique and surprising lighting spaces. The versatility provided by this natural stone such as alabaster to create custom lighting projects and design lamps make it possible to design a contemporary, relaxing and exquisite environment.

This selection of design lamps has been highlighted for its great acceptance among architects and interior designers who are committed to providing an exquisite air to their interior design and architecture projects.
Alabaster as a material is ideal for making all kinds of decoration elements, lighting, or translucent panels. If you like them, you are seduced by this natural stone, we can carry out custom work, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the information.