L’Antic Colonial, a company specialized in natural products from the Porcelanosa Group, in collaboration with United Alabaster presents a new reference of first-rate natural stone, alabaster.

10 de October de 2020


A new reference of natural stone in the l’Antic Colonial (the old colonial)catalogue of Porcelanosa Group.

United Alabaster provides a new reference to the l’Antic Colonial catalogue of Porcelanosa Group under the motto “ Natural beauty is unrepeatable” with a view to increasing the catalogue with exclusive and cared for pieces which include marble, onyx, quartzite, limestone or our alabaster.

This collection is aimed at architecture, desing and interior design professionals. Each one of the proposals submitted include technology, innovation and quality, these are three of the main pillars of the reference company in the national and international markets.

The Gelsa alabasater mined from an original vein in the quarry located in the heart of the Valley of Ebro, it is moulded by expert hands from United Alabaster to illuminate and decorate any place. It is a material that has been admired by man for thousands of years and whose aesthetic and functional potential continues to surprise positively.

"We select every alabaster slab from its place of origin and check it for later use. The treatment that we give to this collection matches with the exclusivity that each stone has, whose natural properties remain intact."

We can see how this natural stone becomes the second skin of any place shining a light through the different organic forms of the material. The alabaster panels are available in different sizes perfectly adapting to any space. In this case it has been applied as the background of a shelf of the back bar of the company’s showroom.

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